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Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
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Main categories: Sealing Machine, Vacuum Machine, Shrink Machine, Carton Sealing Machine, Sealing and Cutting Machine
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Intelligent Packaging System

    Hualian Machinery Group has developed an intelligent heavy bag packaging production line composed of electronic weighing device, automatic heavy bag bagging machine, bag sealing machine and other modules.       


    The structure design, multi-body dynamics simulation analysis and optimization of the end effector. Developed an automatic bagging machine for granular materials based on the opening and closing device of the inner and outer buckets and the bag mouth gripper device, optimized the bag mouth gripper device with the spatial four-link synchronizing mechanism, and realized the fast bag clamping movement; improved the bag opening, The intelligent detection device for bagging and bagging ensures the reliability of bag opening, and the success rate can reach 99.9%.




    Hualian Machinery Group was founded in 1989, now has two production bases covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters with one packaging machinery high and new technology R&D Center.

   There are 7 categories with more than 200 kinds of products which have formed series and have been put into lot production, including sealer, vacuum packaging machine, carton sealer, strapping machine, shrinking packaging machine, automatic packaging machine and so on. 

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